Carole Shelton


Carole Shelton started her jewelry business, Earthbeat Designs in 2004. “All my life experiences led up to this,” says Shelton. “I have been designing all my life, but when I took a class in metal-smithing, I knew that was what I was meant to do.” She has degrees in Interior Design and Clothing and Textiles, with emphasis on art and business. “My jewelry designs are the perfect meeting of beauty and practicality. It’s not enough for a design to be pretty. It must also fit the wearer, be comfortable, durable and unique. I also like to throw in ‘adjustable’ and ‘changeable’ when possible.” Shelton’s recent work has appeared in shows at The Tampa Museum of Art (Tampa, FL), The Duncan McClellan Gallery and Florida Craftsmen Gallery (St. Petersburg, FL).

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